Sunday, February 15, 2009

Traditional Body wash powder (Sunnipindi)

This traditional body wash powder is used widely in villages in South India. It gives freshness, increases body colour, removes unwanted body hair in babies.
Can be tried for adults as well.
Though this takes more time to prepare, its worth doing it.
1.Vetiver - Take a bunch
The uses of vetiver in aromatherapy center on its calming, centering, relaxing effect, which has been exploited in India for thousands of years. Vetiver is known as "oil of tranquility", due to its psychological effect in eliminating anxiety and soothing insomnia and depression
2. Green gram Dhal - 1 kg
Makes the skin very smooth.
3.Kasturi Turmeric - 150 grams
This is used instead of plain turmeric because this does not give the yellowish colour on your skin. This helps in preventing unwanted hair growth.
Turmeric acts as a antespectic as well

4.Camphor - 1 teaspoons or lesser
This is a is a waxy, white or transparent solid with a strong, aromatic odor.
This is used to make this powder stay for a long time (This avoids insects to be formed in the powder)
5.Spikedd giger - 50 grams
Also called as SATI in sanskrit or Kapurkachri in Hindi.
6.Babchi Seeds -100grams
Also called as Karpurvarishi in Tamil (Let me know if you need any translations)

If this is used for adults
Rice -100gms
This gives an additional texture to the skin and cleans the porus in the skin.
The propotion can vary according to our wish, but make sure the green gram and kasturi turmeric needs to be more.

Dry all the above ingredients in hot sun.
Grind to make it as a refined powder.
Once you grind it cool it down for a while and store it in air tight container.
Can be stored for a year in air tight container

How to use:
Take the powder and mix it with water to make it as a paste.
While giving bath to baby,apply to the baby's body and rinse with lots of water.
For elders we can use as a face pack and can allow it to be in skin for around 5 mins.
Gives a good glow to the face and body. Ofcourse your baby is already glowing!!!


  1. What a great resource of information. I am so glad that I found this site.

  2. Thanks a lot. Will try to post some more traditional items in the upcoming weeks.

  3. Hi Where will I get these individual items available

    1. If you are from chennai, you may get it in Dubba chetty shop in mylapore.

  4. Hi Neerja my baby is 15mnths old and she has lot of hair on her forehead and upperlip... as suggested by some one I'm already using Sunnipindi powder by mixing green moong dal split one with the skin... rice powder n turmeric.. And made powder...I rub oil on her skin then apply sunnipindi paste let it dry and then rub out...m following this process from more than a month but no result...pls suggest if my method is ok...n will sunnipindi remove my baby's excess hair on upperlip n forehead

  5. Hi Shikha, whatever method you are using is for adults (inclusion of rice powder , rubbing of oil , making it dry and rubbing out). Please do not use it for kids (as advised by my grand mother) as this is like a scrub and the baby tender skin would feel it harsh.
    Coming to excess hair, I am really not sure if the recipe I provided would help in removing excess hair but I would help in stopping hair growth.

  6. wow thanks for the method of making it home... earth baby sunni pindi baby bath powder which is very good..